WW Associates

WW Associates is composed of a diverse group of engineering, surveying and planning professionals dedicated to providing quality civil engineering services to local and state municipalities, federal facilities, as well as private and industrial clients throughout Virginia.  Our firm has extensive experience in the civil and environmental engineering  arenas.  We provide clients with experts in their respective fields to ensure that each client receives quality planning and design services on time and within the project’s financial constraints.  WW Associates‘ team is committed to creating innovative solutions in the development of future infrastructure, while preserving the integrity of the existing infrastructure.  We strive to provide each client with the best engineering solutions available in an economically feasible and environmentally sound manner.

Our Services

Wastewater Systems

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Design, Rehabilitation, and Process Improvements
  • Facility Operation and Maintenance Assistance
  • Wastewater Pumping Stations and Equalization Tanks

Water Systems

  • Water Treatment Plant Design, Rehabilitation and Process Improvements
  • Facility Operation and Maintenance Assistance
  • Water Booster Pump Station
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Instrumentation and SCADA Design
  • Water Transmission and Distribution Plans and Design
  • Water Distribution and Treatment Systems
  • Water System Intake Design
  • Ground System Design
  • Water Modeling / Hydraulic Analysis
  • Water System Evaluations
  • Water Supply Planning
  • Master Planning

Water Resources

  • Dam Inspections, Dam Break Analysis, Dam Certification Renewals
  • Reservoirs
  • Creeks
  • Floods


  • Field Surveying
  • Property Line / Right of Way Research and Certification
  • Boundary and Topographic Surveys
  • Verification of Aerial Surveys
  • GPS Control
  • Construction Stakeout and As-built Drawings
  • Easement Description
  • Platting

Land Planning and Site Engineering

Concept Plans

Grading and Drainage

Erosion & Sediment Control Best Practices

Stormwater Management & Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Low Impact design (LID)

Site Plan Reviews

Environmental Site Assessments and Permitting

Downtown & Neighborhood Revitalization

Roadway, Sidewalk, and Crosswalk Improvements

Utility Infrastructure Improvements

Landscaping and Signage Improvements

Master Planning and Site Amenities Improvements

Public Presentation and Meetings (including attendance and presentation materials)

Roadway Planning and Design

Traffic Control Plans (Vehicular / Pedestrian)

Curb and Gutter / Storm Drainage

Utility Plans and Easements

Road Plan Reviews

GIS System Services

Structural Engineering

Construction Administration and Inspection Services

Bidding Assistance

Meeting Attendance / Reporting

Construction Scheduling / Monitoring

Resident Inspection Services

Annual Inspections / Reporting

Consulting / Planning Services

Preliminary Engineering Reports and Feasibility Studies

Capital Improvement Plans and Economic Analysis

Grant Application Assistance

Cost Estimating

Bond Issue Preparation Assistance

Rate and Fee Structuring

Rate Assessments