Rush River Wastewater Collection and Treatment Plant


The existing historic Town of Washington was in need of centralized wastewater collection and treatment.  Narrow street corridors with existing buried utilities are prevalent in the historic Town of Washington.  The Town of Washington wastewater service area was served through on-site septic tank and drainfield systems regulated by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH).  Reportedly, many of these on lot systems were failing as documented by VDH.

 WW Associates developed a Master Plan to provide for centralized wastewater treatment and ensure the historic fabric of the Town was not adversely impacted.  The selected treatment plant site is adjacent to Avon Hall, a historic house owned by the Town.  The treatment plant was integrated into this setting keeping in mind the historic significance of this setting.

 The new plant discharges to the Rush River in the Rappahannock River Basin.  Due to nutrient regulations, the VPDES permit did not allow for nutrient allocation.  Working closely with DEQ and local agencies, WW Associates assisted the Town in Nutrient Trading with Spotsylvania County to allow the plant to be constructed.  We believe this is one of the first successful Nutrient Trades in Virginia.  The plant was designed for the Limits of Technology and includes:

  • Sequencing batch reactors designed for Total Nitrogen Reduction 
  • Post-filtration with opportunity for denitrifical
  • Ultraviolet disinfection
  • Sludge storage and aeration

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