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CSO/SSO (Storm and Sewer Overflow) Management

  •’s Stormwater Management Directory Storm water and watershed management tools and techniques links page
  • CSO News – Combined and Sanitary Sewer Overflow community website to help cities and engineers answer CSO and SSO questions and exchange ideas and solutions to assist in solving discharge problems. Includes free email newsletter and specialty web links
  • Low Impact Development Center (LID), Inc. – R&D and training site for water and natural resource protection issues focusing on LID technology and strategies; a comprehensive land planning and engineering design approach to maintain and enhance pre-development hydrologic regimes of urban and developing watersheds
  • LID-Stormwater.Net – Project funded by USEPA Office of Water to provide guidance for incorporating LID into community aquatic resource protection programs. Website is designed for use by local government officials, watershed managers, regulators, site designers and other stakeholders. Includes AUTOCAD links