Roadway Planning and Design

WW Associates has the expertise in designing roadways for various municipalities in the State of Virginia.  Our personnel have designed roadways and drainage systems meeting the Virginia Department of Transportation guidelines set forth in their Road Design Manual, Road and Bridge Standards and Specifications and Drainage Manual.

We have also created traffic control plans meeting the principles of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and Virginia Work Area Protection Manual.  WW Associates’ engineers have designed roads and storm sewer systems within urban, neo-traditional, mixed-use, and rural environments.

WW Associates has extensive experience in traffic control plans at the local and State levels.  We have developed traffic control plans for construction projects to accommodate both pedestrian and vehicular movement.  We have evaluated mixed-use developments for vehicular and pedestrian conflict points to provide safe and convenient access.  Our team has developed concepts to promote multi-modal transportation networks.

We have significant experience with the use of nationally approved pavement marking and signage as well as the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices dictating specific pedestrian and vehicular traffic control requirements.